You are such an inspiring person. Courageous and strong. Committed to life and love. You’ve got so much love to give and practice what you preach – literally.

I always wondered where you get your energy from, and how you manage to maintain in balance. Of course it is this mindset of yours and constant reflexion which makes you vibrate on another level. But it’s also her. You cheerLEADER.



I met you in a micro, the name of the tiny public buses in Valparaíso in Chile. I was on my way home from work. You were sitting a few seats behind me on the other side and noticed me in the bus because of my different cultural look. You liked to speak English and you thought certainly she would speak English too, so you just talked to me.



You were the first person I met, a homeless man who passed me. You saw me and asked me for money. I only had a few Brazilian Reis left. I didn’t have any Pesos yet at that moment, nor any food left, snacks or even something to drink I could offer to you.



Looking back, I feel that my dear friend Destiny pulled some strings. The loving family I got to meet was the perfect match for me. They were nature lovers and lived close to the woods. The mum was a natural beauty, inside and out, reflected by her passion for nature and science. Following her vocation as a loving teacher. The kind of teacher with an easy sparkle in her eyes, doing her best to encourage and inspire children while enjoying every bit of it. She had met her husband years ago, when she was volunteering in Thailand. The special bond and love between them was obvious.



«The next train will arrive in about 10 minutes, due to police operations at central station«.
I was standing on the platform when I heard the announcement. «Well, I guess I won’t make it to my dance class«I thought to myself, but decided to wait for the train anyway, when I noticed the old man using a tiny flashlight to shine into the depth of the rubbish bins on the platform. He collected three 25cent treasures und put the cans into a jute bag on his walker. I smiled at him, and he responded with a friendly nod, shining his crystal clear, blue eyes on me. He had a long ponytail and white Santa Claus beard, which highlighted the sparkle in his eyes.



#ROCKaROLLA by Luisa That’s not who you are – or are you? When I imagine a rockarolla, I see a guy with long wild hair, maybe with a red headband wrapped around the forehead. He wears leather pants with braided side seams at the bottom, sitting on a shiny Harley. Even if I’d imagine it less stereotypically, that’s definitely not what you look like, and yet you are rocking life …



I felt pure joy when we just walked together through the streets, over bridges. Our hands forming a union. Maybe that’s why I love bridges so much. They have two separate bases. Each part gaining strength through connecting with the other and enabling travelers to get closer to wherever they want to go.



It began on a weekend, were the time seemed to stand still. G20 in our hometown and the whole city was upside town. Armed policemen everywhere. Burning cars on the wayside. The sound of helicopters circling over our houses. I don’t know why, but we picked this weekend to meet and fight these circumstances our own way. By sharing love and laughter.



A few days later, I moved into Mogli’s room. He was one of the most courteous man I’ve ever met. I remember asking him «Are you always like this? So generous and gentle?« He explained to me, that this is part of his culture and, after staying quiet for a few seconds added, that he is not a good man. I guess Fear overheard that part or she knew, that I already decided that he has a good heart. I remember his joyful face, when he announced that he wants to take me for a road trip with some friends. He also wanted to feel safe driving the scooter with another passenger before he allowed me to join him for the adventure. So he drove around to practice. Fear liked that, and I liked it too. He cared.



Sneaker girl and I met on my very first day backpacking in Bangkok. Our encounter had changed my whole trip. She was the first person to leave footmarks of love on this exciting journey. This letter is my way of appreciating this unique friendship full of love and inspiration. #sneaker girl by Luisa «I think you’re in my room, I saw your shoes», once I heard my own voice, I …