«Maaaan, the weekend is almost over?«, and «Oh it’s Friday already!« Two thoughts I regularly caught myself thinking in September.
I literally moved into a future time zone and I guess it makes sense to feel that time really flies over here.

A zone where I’m surprised to see Halloween costumes in stores while it’s 36 degrees outside.

September was filled with packed days, full to do lists at work and lovely and inspiring after work conversations. On the weekends, I found time to peak into the spiritual world of Singapore and to try new gym classes. I discovered new neighborhoods and lovely unique stores. A feeling of homeyness overcame me once I entered the cute, mediterranean Condo and opened the old, wooden apartment door. I felt grateful that so many people welcomed me with open hearts. Unique souls with unique stories that all brought them here – leaving footmarksoflove.

It’s usually the train rides and sun baths by the pool that make me slow down and give me time to reflect. Special moments where I think and feel «Girl, I’m really proud of you«.

I’m grateful for the chances I got and life changing decisions I made – no matter what the future brings, I’ll make sure that curiosity and love guides me.

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