May I surprise you?

Intense dreaming, even more intense change. Day after day. May reminded me to take deep breaths.

Singapore closed borders and for a moment it looked like I won’t be able to start my job. Or that’s what I thought. I still don’t know whether or not I can teach in person in August. It felt odd to sublease my apartment when I don’t even know if I’ll be allowed to enter Singapore. Time to step into the unknown.
The quarantine was increased to 21 days and I have started to list several movies/books and did some research for online workshops I could do to keep me busy and make use of this time in solitude.

I had one of my first emotional breakouts when my friend called me and said that she blocked her lunch break to say goodbye at the airport. I guess it’s getting serious.
One night, I woke up crying after I dreamed about saying goodbye to Nessa. I called her the next morning and heard her sobbing while I told her about my experience.
Goodbyes were always hard for me. Yet I know that I’ll only say goodbye physically. We’ll stay connected and share experiences even though we won’t see each other for a while.
Nessa and me both feel that footmarksoflove will grow from this experience. But before growth, there’s challenge.

May is also my birth month and I celebrated the next chapter of my life. While packing her suitcase for Sao Paulo, Nessa and me started to try several outfits and ended up dancing around in festival worthy cropped tops.
Followed my a relaxed afternoon with my besties, waffles and rosé. Pure bliss.

All in all – may was like a surprise bag.

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