June was a month of goodbyes. My job ended and I had to say goodbye to my third graders and colleagues.

“But why are you going to Singapore? Does that mean you don’t love us anymore?“ Asked the little girl after I told them the news.
Emotional reactions and questions like these made me reflect.

You can love someone and still move on, decide for a new chapter.
All this love and memories will be stored safely in my heart. Love is traveling and moving with me – wherever I go.

Saying goodbye was painful, but I also felt so much gratitude. Gratitude for our shared experiences.
And excitement for what’s coming next.

It felt, like I was walking with a bunch of balloons through June. Ballons filled with my dreams, love and desires. I guess sometimes I wasn’t walking careful enough, and a ballon burst right in front of me. Even though walking didn’t feel as light as before, I still managed to notice that I had others ballons in my hand, that helped me move forward.

June reminded me to focus on what’s there and made me feel deep trust.
It’s the unexpected that changes our lives, and life is change. 

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