Footmarks of love is more than a name. It is a vocation.

I chose this name because I thrive to leave footmarks of love – wherever I go.

In 2020 I became a we and we want to create a community to talk about, share and spread love and connect with likeminded beautiful human beings – to make this world a better place.

Our goal is to encourage and inspire YOU to leave footmarks of love.

Check out our first category love letters! You’ll find personal love stories we wrote about beautiful souls that have had and impact on us and left footmarks of love.

All this magic inspired me, Luisa, to start this blog and ask my soul sister Vanessa to join me on this journey of love. We want to share these letters and stories with you and encourage you to think about your own impact on others and people who have had an impact on you. Tell them, spread the message! 

In love is moving, you can follow our journey of shedding our old lives and rebirthing into a new chapter. Same same but different, because we chose to do it simultaneously but to opposite sites of the world.

Far away and yet connected, we’ve been working on our own projects and ideas lately. Still planning to birth our digital tool to write, send and share your very own love letter soon.


Stay tuned – the magic is happening!





  1. Wonderful, tough, sweet and plietsch – both, ladies + blog!!
    Have fun around the world, wherever you experience life and love!

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