July was a LOT.

Mainly lots of gratitude and love.

Gratitude for this beautiful city I call my hometown. Gratitude for my amazing friends and supporting family. Gratitude for open hearts.

I felt my roots strengthening, even though I got emotional with all these goodbyes. I felt reassured that these roots will keep me grounded, wherever I go.

Due to Covid, my flight got postponed and I had the honor to attend my friend’s wedding. 

A magical celebration of love, life, friendship and joy. 

Instead of having a farewell party, I connected with my friends individually. And it felt amazing to really take the time and talk – in person, with eye contact (I meeeeeean!). 

We shared hopes, fears, tears and laughter.

My eyes were still watery when I walked through the security check at Hamburg Airport – but it still felt so right and I felt the support of my loved ones.

Finally, after postponing and planning I got to take the next step. I even felt gratitude on the plane, while journaling and despite the knowledge that my arrival will look different. I won’t get to experience the city I chose for now. 

I won’t get to walk around and explore – yet. 

2020 showed us, that our collective can change from one second to the other.

I felt it when I arrived at beautiful Changi Airport. When I walked down the aisle to my gate, I saw about 8 people waiting there. Despite the sounds of my carry on suitcase, there was nothing. Silence.

Maybe the people smiled under their masks. I couldn’t tell. They were wearing full body plastic overalls and it felt like  I’m (as Sting would say) ‚ a legal Alien‘.

I got 2 Minutes of ‚fresh‘ air on my way to the bus that escorted me to my quarantine hotel and my new home for the next 14 1/2 days.

I’m currently still sitting here in solitude. I got lucky with a bright, sunny room and a huge comfortable bed. Being actually able to see and feel the bright side of this shows me how far I’ve come. 

Knowing, that I have the tools to use this time, and discover and appreciate the treasures within. There are obviously times when I feel stuck (cause I am), but I know it’s ok to feel what I’m feeling and that I’m ok.

As I said, July was a lot. And so am I

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