Hello 2021!

After a turbulent and powerful 2020, my 2021 began with a decision.

On December 31st, I heard the calming swoosh of my laptop, informing me that the email was sent successfully.

«I guess we’re going to Singapore baby« I said to myself. I tend to do that. Speaking to myself when something exciting or disturbing happens. On this day it felt  like the bold me was trying to convince the scared me that everything will be fine.

There was no real decision-making process, rather a gut feeling and the question «why not?« (bold me). I always wanted to live somewhere else – at least for a while. I wanted to experience another culture and improve my foreign language skills. Even though I visited Singapore before, I have very few memories. I remember how I felt though. On New Years 2018, I lost my friends at the crowded Marina Bay Area, after watching the fireworks in the pouring rain. I decided to go home but didn’t really know how and where my ‘home’ for this night exactly was located. My phone didn’t work and I couldn’t find a taxi. I decided to walk – a freaking looooooong walk. Every now and then, I stopped at an illuminated house entrance to look at my map. An actual paper map, soaked from the rain. I can’t recall how long it took me to find my hostel, but I remember the «I will get back safely and find it« mentality I felt. 2018 started with a challenge in this country, 2021 with a decision that will bring about something for sure – challenges and growth. (by L)

Tchau 2020 e olá 2021! 

What an intense and emotional review of a year. Professional, private and global challenges but a new year ahead with a new decision: “Sao Paulo, I am coming.” 

I signed the job offer and got the answer: “We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.” 

Wow, it really starts now. How do I feel? It all seems a little unreal. So easy? So fast? But yeah, it’s all really happening right now. 

I’ve always had wanderlust since I was a little child and the inner thirst to discover other countries and to live in various places for a certain period of time. Two years ago, I already said to myself that working in a German school abroad in Latin America, would be a next fitting step I could take for the vision of the future I want to create. However, being on the verge of it now, makes me a little queasy. But I follow my intuition and have confidence in myself and life, even if viewed from the outside, my decision may seem strange, especially in these times of Corona and Bolsonaro, unreasonable, even crazy.

But I think this step is also a step towards myself and will let me see, create and connect new footmarks of love. 

Life is about perceiving and accepting opportunities, movement, changes and development, isn’t it? And I am excited and want to make new experiences in various areas.

I already know some parts of Brazil from 2018, when I worked there for three months in NGOs in favelas. I immediately lost my heart to the country, the people and the culture. Even though I know about the heavy topics and experienced insights into the shady aspects, I already knew then, that I would be back… (by V.)

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