by Luisa

Behind every great man is an even greater woman. Except that she is not standing behind you, she’s right there, next to you, doing burpees.

You are such an inspiring person. Courageous and strong. Committed to life and love. You’ve got so much love to give and practice what you preach – literally.

I always wondered where you get your energy from, and how you manage to maintain in balance. Of course it is this mindset of yours and constant reflexion which makes you vibrate on another level. But it’s also her. I just learned that it has been 18 years of commitment, hard work and learning how to be the best version of yourself – with her by your side. You cheerLEADER. 

Happy anniversary and thank you for showing people how a relationship of age looks like. I guess that these years of pure love created the unique man you are today. I love how you are able to motivate people and spread your energy. Your workout has always been one of the most challenging for me.  I wasn’t expecting that I would ever shout 5,6,7,8 with such joy and motivation as a response to you screaming 1,2,3,4 – since math was never my favorite subject. 

In the end, it is math:     positive mindset + consistency = victory

I remember one specific workout in your class. We were doing a CrossFit inspired circle. I was holding a heavy 20kg slam ball, arms straight in front of me. As it slowly but surely moved towards the ground because I felt I wasn’t able to fight earth’s gravity anymore, the heavy black ball almost slipped out of my sweaty palms. Apparently you saw that. You approached me and whispered «You’ve got the world in our hands. Don’t drop it!«. Even though you are always so funny and joyful, your words seemed serious, and forced me to tighten my grip.

I started shaking, almost cried – but I didn’t drop it. Even if life can be challenging, you taught me how to embrace the pain in order to grow. That I won’t stop. Why? Because, and I’ll quote you again: «We don’t give up!« You helped me to experience what success and being present feels like, even though it only meant finishing this horrible 4 minutes of planking, which felt like a lifetime. These experiences inspired me to want more of that and transfer it to other aspects of my life.

Thank you for being one of the most generous people I have ever met, and thank you for leaving footmarks of love.

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