by Vanessa

Emilio and the synchronicities

I met you in a micro, the name of the tiny public buses in Valparaíso in Chile. I was on my way home from work. You were sitting a few seats behind me on the other side and noticed me in the bus because of my different cultural look. You liked to speak English and you thought certainly she would speak English too, so you just talked to me.

You, a tiny older man with a very positive and warm charisma, a bright smile on your face and a big heart. The next moment we were sitting next to each other and talked the entire bus journey. You told me about your life, your experiences, and your stories just gushed out of you with joy and childlike excitement.

You gave me a gift: A tiny rake for kitchen utensils with a wooden plate and the inscription „The kitchen is the heart of the home“ and insisted that I accept it.
You asked me at which station I have to get off. I told you the place. You looked at me with a sceptical view. I said that I live there. You were shocked and asked me why and how. „You know that it is very dangerous there?“ „You can’t go there alone, especially not in the evening.“
„But I go there every day. Everything is fine. Really“, I responded. But I felt you were very worried and cared about me.
This place is in front of the harbour, where a lot of homeless people with drug addiction live and spend their days and nights. From there a road goes up, with crumbled houses, where I lived.
I know that many people in Valparaiso said the same things about this area but I have to say, that I felt safe there. I never saw, experienced or felt real danger in this area or in the people. I felt desperation and sadness but never aggression or malevolence, what not says that it does not exist. But you got off the “micro” with me, to bring me to my hostel. We exchanged numbers. I typed your name in my mobile phone: E-m-i-l-i-o. You said I should really call you, if I would need anything.

Three weeks later, one evening after work, I decided to go to a specific Chilean bar, nearby my home, called „Liberty“. There would be live music and the guests would dance the traditional “Cueca”, a Chilean friend told me. I was so curious about it. I went there with a hostel friend and we ordered “cervezas”, while sitting at a bench with a table inside the bar, he to my right side. I remember the location, the interior and the atmosphere. A really authentic and traditional bar. Rustic with dark wooden furniture, flags and pictures on the walls. We were talking, drinking and enjoying. Then I began to hear a guitar and a man’s beautiful voice I recognized. So I turned my head to the left. It was a musician and teacher I met three weeks earlier at another bar he was singing! I remember we shared a harbour walk with interesting thoughts, and he offered to give me Spanish lessons, but the plans got lost over time. I was amazed by the coincidence and deeply enjoyed the “Cueca” live music with his truly beautiful voice…

After another beer and further conversations with my friend, I turned again to the left, to hear the next live session. As I moved my head, I couldn’t believe who was sitting directly next to me on the bench. EMILIO!
I tapped on your shoulder and screamed your name euphorically. Then you recognized me too. „I can’t believe it!“„Since when you are here?“ I asked. „I don’t know, maybe a half an hour!“ You responded. With our mouths open and glimpse with joy, we sat there, next to each other, with this magical reunion. We were laughing and talking. „You have to try this wine!“ You said to me.

Then the first people began to dance during the live music session. I am like a sponge with exploring different dances and enjoyed it a lot. “Cueca” is a very beautiful couple dance with a specific powerful and intense dynamic about the feminine and masculine energies. The two dancers looking in their eyes and dances with pieces of fabric in their right hand and specific footsteps back and force to each other without touching. Just Incredible!
Time passed, and I remember we stood up. You put out your fabric tissue from your pocket and then you, the musician, my friend and me and many other guests were dancing Cueca until five in the morning while forgetting time and space. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I had the time of my life. I will never forget this crazy night full of synchronicities, beautiful conversations, fun, joy, laughter, lots of drinks and much more dancing and every time I think back, I smile with nostalgically all over my face.

Thank you, Emilio, for your conversations, you’re caring nature, your gift and this crazy, amazing evening.

Every day when I enter my kitchen to grab a kitchen utensil, I see your gift and think of you.

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