by Luisa

There is a precious gemstone that has an energizing effect, promotes dreams and encourages joy and laughter. It chases the ability to remove negative energies and helps you overcome exhaustion and vigor. A ruby.

My personification of this jewel is as beautiful as this sounds. Inside and out. She is kind and creative and has lately discovered the urge to express her spirituality and creativity more and more. Walking her soul path. I’m grateful that our connection grew as quickly as it did, because it has allowed me to be part of her thoughts, ideas and creative outcomes. It felt like we met each other on a journey, even though it was in our hometown. Even if we were physically here, our souls were still traveling. We shared similar experiences which made it easy to connect. Same same but different.  This inner journey encouraged us to take a closer look at each other, although we had seen each other years before. Might even had talked before we started communicating on another level.

It began on a weekend, were the time seemed to stand still. G20 in our hometown and the whole city was upside town. Armed policemen everywhere. Burning cars on the wayside. The sound of helicopters circling over our houses. I don’t know why, but we picked this weekend to meet and fight these circumstances our own way. By sharing love and laughter. We walked for hours, talking.  Through her stories, I got to know the environment she had created for herself. How she became the jewel she is today.

I liked that she obviously enjoys her me time in her apartment,  as well as the times she spends with others. That is what bold ones do. They face the stillness and infinite dialogue in the tranquility of one’s apartment. I’m lucky that I was allowed to be a part of this chapter of her life, because a few months after we had met, her life changed.  While she was confidently driving on a one lane road, a crossroad popped up. Out of the blue.  She took it and expanded her path from one lane to two. I must say, I loved to see the construction work happening. Big time. She was bold and curious enough to give it a try. To share and give some space. To observe what was happening on the other lane and to feel whether the new pavement so close to her blended with her own or not. I remember that she called me, a few days after she had met the guy who turned her life upside down.  I remember that she asked whether I think it’s crazy to join him for a week-long vacation to Italy. She must had known that she asked the right person. I like crazy. I love crazy. Crazy is where the magic happens. And it did.

I admire her boldness and joy which have led to everything falling into place. Because he saw this jewel too and has inspired her to shine even brighter.

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