by Luisa

«The next train will arrive in about 10 minutes, due to police operations at central station«.

I was standing on the platform when I heard the announcement. «Well, I guess I won’t make it to my dance class« I thought to myself, but decided to wait for the train anyway, when I noticed the old man using a tiny flashlight to shine into the depth of the rubbish bins on the platform. He collected three 25cent treasures und put the cans into a jute bag on his walker. I smiled at him, and he responded with a friendly nod, shining his crystal clear, blue eyes on me. He had a long ponytail and white Santa Claus beard, which highlighted the sparkle in his eyes.

«There are people on the train tracks collecting cans like me. But I have this« the man said. He opened the right pocket of his jacket and showed me a rod an inch long, with a metal hook at the end. «I use this as my fishing rod«, he explained, noticing my inquisitive look. «It’s too dangerous for me to go on the tracks. Because of this one«.

He slowly opened the first two buttons of his denim shirt and pointed to an area above his heart. I saw a rectangular object underneath his skin. «I had three strokes, so they gave a defibrillator. Don‘t know how long I’ll make it with this guy, BUT I surely won’t touch any electricity« he said as he pointed to the powerline on the train tracks and buttoned up his shirt.

«You know, I never thought I’ll make it till 77. My dad died at the age of 42, my mum at 67. She had several strokes. So I lived my life. And now I wanna make it till 80!«. His eyes sparkled, and so did mine. «And you will!« I responded confidently, as the train slowly entered the station. «You have beautiful eyes, really special and expressive« I said, looking into his eyes. «I’m a Taurus« he responded with a mischievous glimpse in his eyes. «So am I« I said excitedly. We exchanged birthdates: only two days apart, but also a lifetime; two Tauruses sharing a few inspiring moments on the platform, enjoying each other’s company.

With a smile on my lips I slowly made my way into the train.

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